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Grounds Maintenance

We have provided mowing services throughout Cheshire and the surrounding counties since 1998. We are a service provider for both commercial clients, estates and private gardens keeping open spaces hassle free and attractive throughout the year.

Whether your requirement is for an on going maintenance contract or you wish to reclaim a wilderness area that hasn't been touched for years, we are here to assist.

Commercial Landscapes

We provide grass mowing services for all types of commercial companies maintaining a variety of different business related areas. Whether it is a private space enjoyed by your employees or land surrounding business units that requires maintenance.

We offer a range of services to keep these areas clean and tidy throughout the year. Using a variety of specialised and well maintained machinery, we offer our clients a tailored package, on a prearranged basis, to suit their requirements.

Estates and Private Gardens

We service a number of beautiful estate properties and lawns, which have been the staple of our business from its roots.

We offer a variety of all-year-round services for private gardens and estates. From various mowing requirements, hedge and shrub cutting to leaf clearing, fencing, drainage, tree work and general land management.

Open Spaces

Maintaining public and private open spaces is an area of particular expertise for Green Horizons. The machinery we have available, coupled with our experience and training, often means that expectations are exceeded.

We have completed a multitude of differing contracts for councils, commissions and housing agencies.

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